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Special conditions Claims accepted Cashback Guarantee

Please be aware that terms and conditions apply if you choose to stop or cash-in your savings plan, investment or 50+ Life Cover policy after the 30 day cancellation period has passed. Please refer to the products' Key Information Document and Important Information document for further details.

- Cashback is only available once per transaction.
- Cashback will only be paid for purchases made from within the UK.
- Make sure you have third party cookie tracking enabled and you allow the confirmation page to fully load before closing the window and finishing your application.
- You must use the link above to purchase directly to qualify for cashback.
- Cashback is only available to customers opening a new product online or starting a new investment online.
- Cashback will only be paid when the terms of the product for which you are applying are met.
- Cashback will only be paid if your investment remains invested for more than 3 months.
- Cashback on over 50's Life Cover plan will only be paid once 6 months' premiums are received.
- Cashback on regular savings plans will only be paid once 3 months' contributions are received.
- Cashback will only be paid if your direct debit is kept up to date as per the terms of the product for which you are applying.
- Cashback will not be paid if you stop paying your contributions, make withdrawals or cancel the policy before the terms are met.
- Cashback is only available to customers opening a new Tax Exempt Savings Plan, Child Tax Exempt Savings Plan, Lifetime ISA, Junior ISA, Stocks & Shares NISA, Investment Bond or 50+ Life Cover policy with Foresters Friendly Society.
Cashback will be rejected in the event that a customer has previously opened the same product with Foresters Friendly Society.
- Multiple ISA applications over any time period will be merged together and you will not receive cashback on any additional applications.
- Cashback will not be paid on any top-ups made to an existing NISA, Junior ISA or Lifetime ISA.
- For NISAs, Lifetime ISAs and Junior ISAs, if a lump sum investment and regular contribution are set up at the same time, only the highest denomination of cashback and/or vouchers will apply.
- Cashback will not be paid if you have previously purchased a Foresters Friendly Society product but have since cancelled that product.
- Cashback can take from 90 days up to 200 days to confirm from the date the 1st contribution is received or the initial investment is made, depending on the terms required to verify your transaction as detailed in the listing.
- Foresters Friendly Society standard eligibility criteria applies.
- Your cashback will be confirmed by Foresters Friendly Society and credited to your account after your payments have been made, as per the terms of the product for which you are applying.
- The cashback is paid by iMutual and not Foresters Friendly Society. Should you have questions regarding your cashback please contact iMutual not Foresters Friendly Society.
- Cashback rates are subject to change, both up and down, without notice and entirely at the discretion of Foresters Friendly Society.
- If you generate a fraudulent transaction your cashback will be reversed and your account removed immediately. We actively monitor for fraud and will report fraud to the relevant authorities if appropriate
- Members should only use voucher codes listed on iMutual. If you use voucher codes or gift vouchers that are not listed on iMutual your cashback may not track or may be declined.
- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
- This offer may be withdrawn at any time

General conditions

- Members must click through using the link on this screen in order to be eligible for cashback More
- Transactions must be completed immediately and wholly online, unless stated otherwise
- Cashback may be based on the purchase value net of VAT and delivery
- Use of a voucher code not approved by us may invalidate your cashback
- Any queries related to cashback should be directed to us and not the merchant More

Cashback rates info

Description Cashback Shares
Isa (lump Sum) £50,000+ £300 3000
Bond (lump Sum) £50,000+ £300 3000
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £100 £295 2950
Isa (monthly Dd) £1000+ £290 2900
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £90 £265 2650
Isa (monthly Dd) £500 £250 2500
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £80 £235 2350
Bond (lump Sum) £40,000+ £225 2250
Isa (lump Sum) £40,000+ £225 2250
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £70 £205 2050
Junior Isa (monthly Dd) £200 £180 1800
Bond (lump Sum) £30,000 - £39,999 £175 1750
Isa (lump Sum) £30,000 - £39,999 £175 1750
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £60 £175 1750
Junior Isa (monthly Dd) £300+ £160 1600
Lifetime Isa (monthly Dd) £200 £155 1550
Junior Isa (monthly Dd) £150 £150 1500
Junior Isa (monthly Dd) £100 £145 1450
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £50 £145 1450
Pois Sip 200+ £140 1400
ISA (lump sum) £20,000 £125 1250
Bond (lump sum) £20,000 £125 1250
Jisa (lump Sum) £8,000+ £125 1250
Lisa (lump Sum Transfer) £8000+ £125 1250
JISA (lump sum) £4,000 £115 1150
LISA (lump sum) £4,000 £115 1150
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £40 £115 1150
Pois Sip 150-199 £110 1100
Isa (monthly Dd) £250 £100 1000
Pois Sip 100-149 £90 900
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £30 £85 850
Isa (lump Sum) 10000 £75 750
Pois Sip 50-99 £70 700
Pois Sip £26 - £49 £60 600
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £20 £55 550
ISA (lump sum) £5,000 £50 500
Bond (lump sum) £5,000-£9,999 £50 500
Tax Exempt Savings Plan £40 400
Lifetime Isa (monthly Dd) £300 £40 400
Bond (lump sum) of £10,000-£14,999 £25 250
Over 50s (monthly Dd) £10 £25 250
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Tracking time 1 hour info
Reward time 16 weeks info
Reliability 85.7% info
Max tracking days 1 info
Claim days 7 days info
Claim approval rate 25% info
Rejection rate 53.6% info