Clean jokes - post 'em here

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Re: Clean jokes - post 'em here

Post by expressman33 » Sat Jan 16 2021 12:26pm

I've been getting spammed in Messenger by this guy called Buster.
He keeps sending me videos of songs by The Sweet.
Does anyone know a way, there's got to be a way to block Buster.
Seriously I just Haven't got a Clue what to do!!!
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Re: Clean jokes - post 'em here

Post by Chadwick » Sat Jan 16 2021 12:51pm

Every year for the past decade I've made the same resolution: run a half marathon.

2011: didn't do any running
2012: didn't do any running
2013: didn't do any running
2014: didn't do any running
2015: didn't do any running
2016: didn't do any running
2017: didn't do any running
2019: didn't do any running
2020: didn't do any running

It's become a running joke.
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Re: Clean jokes - post 'em here

Post by kevinchess1 » Sun Jan 17 2021 12:22pm

Stockportcounty has asked to Sky and BT to have channels with no added crowd noise so he can enjoy the real atmosphere of a home game.
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Clean jokes - post 'em here

Post by richard@imutual » Mon Jan 18 2021 8:43am

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