The price of stamps to rise

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Re: The price of stamps to rise

Post by pabenny » Thu Sep 07 2023 6:04pm

In the other thread, you referred to
macliam wrote:
Wed Sep 06 2023 1:27pm
... Privatization of Royal Mail and the Post Office...
If you're suggesting I have some connection with RM or the Post Office or the privatisation of the former, you're entirely mistaken.
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Re: The price of stamps to rise

Post by macliam » Thu Sep 07 2023 7:10pm

As I said, most people (in fact several I spoke to today) regard the Post Office as the people responsible for the Post (quelle surprise!) - the hiving off of Royal Mail for future privatization passed them by.....

People buy stamps at the Post Office and a "Postman" delivers their mail.... so unless you're interested in the business, it's an easy mistake to make. However, as pointed out, my opening post targeted Royal Mail specifically, so the fact that the unrelated split of Post Office Counters and Royal Mail is the focus of your replies does seem a tad strange........

The privatized Royal Mail are not winning any prizes, are they.......
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Re: The price of stamps to rise

Post by Richard Frost » Fri Mar 01 2024 7:42pm

And again 4th time in two years
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Re: The price of stamps to rise

Post by aupt » Fri Mar 01 2024 10:10pm


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