This governments shenanigans

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Re: This governments shenanigans

Post by blythburgh » Mon Jun 10 2024 10:12am

Richard Frost wrote:
Wed May 22 2024 7:10pm
Sarah wrote:
Wed May 22 2024 6:56pm
Announced out in the pouring rain, without any cover! How apt for this awful government!
Typical of the bad planning throughout the last few years. These lecterns cost a fortune and are custom designed (believe it or not for each Prime Minister) The least they could do is build in an umbrella stand into it. ... ing-street

Terrible waste of money £2000 - £4000 each time.
Oh come on, If I become PM I would want a lectern made to a design I have a chosen. i mean when you set the cost against the whole of Govt. spending the cost becomes invisible. It is simply unfair to have a new PM having to use a "pre-loved" lectern. What do you think these PM's are? They are not plebs like thee and me who are happy to have a pre-loved item that is actually as good as a brand new one

And think on this, it gives work to someone and the money they earn can be spent and boost the economy.

(I hope you can hear my sarcasm)
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Re: This governments shenanigans

Post by Sarah » Wed Jun 12 2024 10:41am

This only makes any sense if the ultimate end goal is no state pension for anyone... or they know it doesn't matter what they promise before losing an election... :roll:
Krishnan Guru-Murthy crucifies Mel Stride on abolishing National Insurance for self employed and on pension

KGM, "You're getting rid of class 4 National Insurance contributions for the self employed"

MS, "Yes"

KGM, "So how do self employed qualify for a state pension?"

MS, "You can still have a system where you have nil rate National Insurance and have that as a contribution to state pension"

KGM, "So self employed people will just get a state pension for free now?"

MS, "Well, they will make their contribution to the economy in the normal way" ... 2657640905

Richard Frost
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Re: This governments shenanigans

Post by Richard Frost » Wed Jun 12 2024 11:44am

The con manifesto just goes to further highlight how out of touch with reality they really are. It is unfortunate though that any incoming government will inherit the mess and as a consequence not be able to do much of what they want at the beginning of any parliament. It will take years and very careful treading to get the country back into any sort of a fit state.

In my mind it has been the long term plan to get rid of the state pension for years. this is why I think the workplace pension came about and all the encouragement and changes since.

I get the state pension and have three private pensions. I still though claim Housing Benefit and council Tax reduction. The Private Pensions have no real purpose except to reduce the amount the state pays me in Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction. My Private Pensions are of a relatively small amount, as I am of an age where the majority of my working life was worked without contribution to an employers pension. Nowadays there is no option, you have to have an employers pension. This in theory will make people better off in retirement, unless the State Pension is done away with and turned into some sort of top up/benefit to everyone's income.

I did see the interview on Channel 4 with Mel Stride and was concerned how ill prepared he was to answer the question considering he has been the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions since October 2022.
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